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Switch RCM Mod

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Available Switch RCM Modifications:

◾ You can choose between a Trinket M0 or ItsyBitsy M0 for your Switch RCM Mod on the chip hardware.
◾ The mod can only be done with consoles produced before the hardware revision in August 2018. Whether your console is hackable (not patched), you can find out hier erfahren.
◾ The modification can be performed on consoles with any firmware.
◾ Chip installation is always based on the current reference from the GBATemp forum.
◾ At present it is “New Universal Method” – 7 wire installation with “straps” on request we also install other methods …
◾ The chip is flashed with Simple-UF2 for payloads and SWITCHBOOT as protection for your Switch firmware.
◾ The boot loader in the chip can be used by vol + button to change the payload / mode / settings ModChip / reset ModChip.
◾ By simply copying the desired payload.bin to the internal SD card, the CFW will be started automatically. If there is no payload file Hekate will be started as fallback.
◾ Thus, you can start homebrews or CFW such as: SXOS / Linux via Memloader / ReiNX / Atmosphere etc. in the easiest way.

● General information you can find at our Info page!
● How to setup the device is explained at our RCM Mod FAQ.
● More specific information you can find at our Hardware Mods presentation page.
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RCM Mod + Chip for your Switch, RCM Mod install only for your Switch, Set Nintendo Switch + RCM Mod + Chip


N/A, Trinket M0, Rebug SwitchME, ItsyBitsy M0 Express

SD Card

N/A, 32GB MircoSD Card, 64GB MircoSD Card, 128GB MircoSD Card