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Shipping information

Our shipping address:
Stefan Merki
Robert-Koch-Str. 5

52511 Geilenkirchen

Telephone: +49 (0) 2451 71031

What should I send and what should I keep?

Please include a small piece of paper with your address, so we can better identify your order.
This note should be in the package or stuck to your console.
This ensures we can get your system back to the right address, even if your address on the outside of the package is damaged from shipping or covered by paperwork taped to the outside by the shipping companies.

Do not send along your games, power supply, pen, original packaging and instructions.
These things take up more space and increase weight, thus unnecessarily increasing shipping costs…

The internal SD memory card can also be removed. Of course, it can also remain in the device, if you like.
It is only necessary with hardware mods for the NAND Mod and RCM Mod.

The console should be packed safely against falls and bruises.
Therefore, we recommend wrapping the console with bubble wrap or foam and filling the package with crumpled newspaper - so that a buffer is created.

For the return we provide the necessary packaging!

How do I pack my console best?

Here are some "good" examples of how your console could be packaged for transport:
1. A note with your name removes any confusion! It must not stick. It is enough that it is enclosed :)
2. Please do not just throw the console loosely in the package. It is better to pad the package with some paper or foam material to protect your system.
3. The console may also be in another box or protective case in the package.
4. Plastic air cushions are ideal for filling in the empty carton and protecting the console.
5. If nothing else is available, then you can use newspaper. Crumple it up, so that it can form as a buffer.

These are a few actual "negative" examples of how it should not be done:
1. Mailers and plastic bags are generally unsuitable for consoles because they do not withstand damage causing pressure.
2. The corners of a system were damaged because the shipping bag was too thin and the console inside could fly around unsecured.
3. Here the console was shipped in a much too thin (XS) package. During transport, the console could not bear the pressure from above and the hinge was moved and broken.

What should I pay attention to, if I am not from the EU (European Community)?

First things first - the shipping document with a customs declaration must be completed!


Here is some background information:

1. Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Andorra are not in the European Customs Union although they are geographically part of Europe.
2. Of course, other continents do not belong to the EU! Some countries, for example are: USA, Canada, Australia, China etc.
3. Therefore, you must complete a shipping label with a customs declaration at your transport company.
4. The reason for this is that you automatically become an exporter, as soon as you send a package across your national border to another region.
5. So, it becomes an import for us, even though you do not sell your console to us! The EU requires a customs declaration for each package.
6. The class of goods defines how much customs/duty has to be paid.
7. For each shipment you pay import duties and EUSt. (Import sales tax). It does not matter whether the goods are new or used.
8. The EUSt. (Import sales tax) must always be paid, the minimis has been repealed effective 1st July 2021. The tax is calculated from the the amount you state at the customs value field!
9. Therefore, the exporter (you) must provide a customs value of their package on the customs declaration form.
10. The customs value has nothing to do with package insurance. Also, the amount stated at customs value will not be refunded by the transport company in the case of a lost package!

What should I enter in the form?

Basically, you are solely responsible for what you write in the form!
The amount of customs fees or EUSt. (Import sales tax) you need to pay are affected by the information you entered in the form. You will have to pay these.

To say it again - If the form was filled out correctly you will only have to pay around 15 Euro.

We would advise you to put the following information in the customs form:

- Please include your complete your name, address with phone number, and e-mail address.
- Also give our complete name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.
- The type of shipment should be ticked "others" and "for repair".
- In the section for the customs declaration you enter "used Nintendo console, incomplete".
- Weight is 400 grams or 14.10 oz (ounces)
- VALUE 20 Euro or 20 USD or 20 CHF or 200 NOK - For customs this is a reasonable amount for a used console without accessories. Stating more will result in a higher customs fees - this you have pay back to us.
- HS Code or Tariff number is 95045000 outside Europe the Tariff numbers are shortened so you enter 950450.
- Please enter your country as country of origin.

Three reasons why it pays to fill out the form correctly:
Customs value determines the cost:
If you enter incorrect values in this field, the Customs Department will calculate incorrect taxes from them.
Thus, with a 200 € value, you have 38 € in taxes, or from 500 € worth it will be 95 € in taxes.
Without paying the taxes, the customs office does not release the package!
So, if something needs to be paid, we'll ask you to pay it. Otherwise we will not accept the package and the Customs Department will send you the package back.

◾ Claims for insurance:
In Europe, all packages are automatically insured up to a maximum of 500 euros - except for small packages!
It is not so in other countries! Elsewhere, you must always insure your package separately!
In the event of shipping damage, you basically have no claim to the insured value, only the actual value of the content!
If your package is damaged or lost during transport, you have to prove what was in your package to the transport company.
As well as the value of the content.
In simple words - the customs value on the customs declaration has NOTHING to do with the package insurance.
Therefore it is better to take pictures of the contents, before your package ships, so that you can use them to prove your claims.

◾ The shipping time is affected:
When the form is filled out incorrectly, or if something is unclear, or you have specified an incorrect value, your package will not be transported directly to us. Instead, it is deposited with the main customs office.
From that moment on, the shipping process will be temporarily stopped. There will be a delay of at least one or two weeks until we get your package from the customs office.
It begins with the customs office notifying us by ordinary letter (not by e-mail) that a package has arrived at the customs office, and that we personally have to pick it up.
We then have to go to the customs office personally and see what the reason is. Then we must notify you and clarify with you what to do then.

Forms and links on the Internet

Which form is the right one for the customs declaration and do I have to attach a commercial invoice?
CN 22 - Green customs slip only for letters and parcels:
- For all goods up to a customs value of 350 euros or 400 USD or 400 CHF or 3,300 NOK

CN 23 - Package declaration:
- For value of goods up to at a customs value of 1000 Euro or 1000 USD or 1000 CHF or 9.500 NOK

CP 72 - combination of customs declaration and parcel label:
- The CP 72 is a versatile form set that contains a customs declaration CN 23 and a package slip CP 73.

We always recommend to send a package to us, so please take the form CN 23 or CP 72.
A commercial invoice would only be necessary for a sale to us, so you do not need it!
Customs declarations must never be placed in the package but must be affixed outside the shipping carton.

You can fill out the forms online or by handing in your parcel at the post office or at the transport company.

Here are some links to help with filling:

Switzerland: - Swiss Post

Norway: - Posten Norge

USA: - United States Postal Service